Flying Horse Cottage is equipped with smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector.  There is a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area.


The Cottage is on one level and there are windows which can be easily accessed for safe exit in the event of a fire. There are keys in the two sliding windows and French window locks and it is important that these keys are not removed from the windows at any time. The Cottage is a timber building and has a woodburner and so extra care is needed.


In the event of a fire:-

  • Ensure that all guests leave the building (there are four fully accessible exits)
  • Call 999. Give the Fire Brigade the full address of the property, see below

Flying Horse Cottage

Broadwater Forest Lane

Nr. Tunbridge Wells



If you have any questions or identify any potential fire hazards:-

  • Telephone owners Andrew 07798 576378 or Giny 07817 647334


FIRE SAFETY do’s and don’ts



  • Ensure you turn off gas hob, cooker and other electrical appliances when they are not in use
  • Remember to turn the dampener levers down (from left to right)on the woodburner at night or when leaving the cottage
  • When emptying ash from woodburner use the black metal bucket and then dispose of ash outside, never put ash in any other container as ash remains hot for a long period and can re-ignite


  • Don’t smoke inside the building
  • Don’t light candles in the building
  • Don’t leave the door of the wood burner open. Do not overfill the wood burner with logs
  • Don’t smoke or use candles or any naked flame on the wooden decking area outside the kitchen


Fire Risk Assessment


  1. Fire risks – i) in kitchen the gas hob and electrical equipment while cooking, ii) woodburning stove, iii) smoking or use of candles in breach of house rules
  2. People at risk – Flying Horse cottage is designed for accessibility and so is likely to have more elderly and disabled visitors.
  3. Plan to keep visitors safe from fire. i) smoke alarms are built into electric circuit and cover living space and bedrooms, ii) a carbon monoxide alarm is built into electric circuit placed on ceiling at centre of living space between gas boiler, gas hob and wood burning stove, iii) smoking is prohibited in cottage or on wooden decking area outside kitchen, iv) guests are requested not to use candles inside or on decking, v) guests are requested to follow instructions on using woodburner, to turn down the air flow when leaving the cottage or at night, and not to overfill the woodburner, vi) the cottage is on one level with two large sliding windows, French doors and a front door making four possible level exits for the elderly or wheelchair users. There are locks on the windows so the keys should not be removed at any time from these locks, vii) a fire blanket and fire extinguisher are provided in kitchen area, viii) both the patio and decking area have accessible exits to move to a safe distance from cottage.
  4. Guests are requested to inform the owners immediately if they identify any additional fire hazards.
  5. The Fire Risk Assessment is reviewed on a regular basis and advice has been taken from East Sussex Fire Safety Officer at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.