Broadwater Warren – Eridge Rocks – Eridge Park – Frant – and return

Distance approximately 9 miles. Allow 1½- 2 hours each way (can be muddy in parts)

Walk across Broadwater Warren and explore the stunning sandstone outcrops at Eridge Rocks then cross the A26 into Eridge Park walking across the old deer park with its lovely lakes and extensive views then prepare for the steep ascent through beautiful beech and oak woods up to Frant. Explore Frant and enjoy a classic pub lunch at The George, visit St. Alban’s church and wander across the Frant Green admiring the lovely houses that surround this beautiful Sussex village.

  1. From Flying Horse Cottage turn right and after 200 yards turn left through a wicket gate into the entrance to Broadwater Warren.
  2. Keep straight on the path passing the decoy pond on your right and then up the hill.
  3. Take 2nd turning on your right (after the pond) and follow this track through woodland until you pass out of the RSPB reserve and into the Sussex Wildlife Trust (You will see a post with the RSPB marker on it at this junction). Follow the path until it reaches a junction with the Eridge Rocks.
  4. Turn left keeping the Rocks on your right until you reach the end of the rocks and a small car park.
  5. Turn LEFT onto a small lane until you reach a t-junction with the main road, A26.
  6. Cross the road bearing right and carefully make your way along the verge for 200 yards or so until you see a stile on your left.
  7. Climb the stile and cross the field which leads onto a track into a wood. Pass a large house on your left and cross over the stream and follow the path through the woods until you come out into a large field.
  8. Follow the sign posts across the middle of the field. There are extensive views across the park. To your left is a large lake and if you look over the lake you will see Eridge Park on the hill above. At the end of the field turn left following the path signs.
  9. The path goes around a small lake. This part of the walk can be very muddy, and shortly after going around the lake you will start to ascend the steep hill which leads up through beautiful oak and beech woods to the A267 on the edge of Frant Village.
  10. Turn left onto the A267 and walk along until you reach the imposing Victorian ed-brick buildings of Frant Court on your left with Frant Green on your right.
  11. Cross over the road onto the Green and make your way past the cricket pavilion into the high street. You will see St. Alban’s Church straight ahead and The George Inn to your right.
  12. To return to Flying Horse Cottage, either retrace your steps or you can return via a circular path which takes you through the northern part of Eridge Park – you will end up at the Fuller’s Farm Shop close to the end of Bunny Lane where you can cross the A26 into Broadwater Forest Lane and back to Flying Horse Cottage. To do the circular walk you will need a detailed OS map.