Flying Horse Cottage – Hargate Forest – Spratsbrook Farm – Friezland Wood – High Rocks – Spratsbrook farm – Flying Horse Cottage (approx 4 miles: I hour 30 minutes)

A circular walk which takes in two glorious areas of woodland, Hargate Forest and Friezland Wood.  There are spectacular views to the south and west from the top of Hargate Forest

  1.  Leave Flying Horse Cottage and turn left down Broadwater Forest Lane.  At the end of the lane carefully cross the A26 into Bunny lane and then carry along Bunny Lane past the Eridge Farm Shop and on for another couple of hundred yards.
  2. Turn left off the road where a wooden gate marks a path through the woods, the path bears immediately right and then after a 100 yards of so opens out and turns left and down a hill, past a large pond.  At the pond you can either carry on the path which takes you through Hargate Forest and then up a steep hill to the road on Broadwater Down.
  3. For a more scenic route and one with great views, turn right at the pond over 2 bridges and then follow a rough woodland track as it winds steeply up the hill and eventually opens out onto grassland.  turn left keeping on the high ground until you reach a grassy area with a seat near the top of the hill where there are wonderful views to the south and west.  You can see Bond’s Cottage and Flying Horse Cottage across the valley.
  4. From the seat there is a small path leading down the hill bearing right follow this until you reach the main track turn right and up the hill until you reach the gate at Broadwater Down.
  5.  Turn left onto Broadwater Down and cross the road.  At the junction with the A26 turn right and walk along the pavement for a short while until you reach a layby. Cross the road and through the gate onto Spratsbrook Farm.  Keep the house of Ramslye to your right and walk along the edge of the farmland and continue to follow this as your path bears right.  At the end of this field a narrow path leads into Friezland Wood.
  6.  A short distance into the wood turn left and the path meanders amongst lovely wild flowers in the spring, wood anenomes, celandine and bluebells.  To the left of the path the dramatic sandstone outcrops of High Rocks are visible, to the right there is a pretty stream and the railway line (Spa Valley Railway) which runs steam trains at weekends from Tunbridge Wells to Eridge Station.
  7. At the end of Friezland Wood turn left and past the High Rocks Inn.  If time permits you could also explore the High Rocks. Tickets can be purchased at the Inn.
  8. Turn left into the High Rocks carpark and walk through the car park to the woods at the far end.  Turn immediately right down a steep slope where there is a narrow path, beautiful in bluebell season, and follow this path down the hill and to the left keeping the stream in the valley on your right.  The path comes out into a field.
  9. Follow the field round to your right and through the gap crossing the stream.  You will see Bond’s Cottage across the farmland.  Follow the edge of the farmland left and then right up the hedgerow until you reach a path that bisects the fields.
  10. Turn left onto this path and then right along the field edge until you come to the woods beneath Flying Horse Cottage.