Flying Horse Cottage – Broadwater Warren – Eridge Rocks – Broadwater Warren – Flying Horse Cottage ( approx 1- 1/2 hours)

There are so many paths criss-crossing Broadwater Warren and Eridge Rocks you can just set off and explore!  The following walk takes in some of the highlights of this beautiful area and if you are here in the summer gives you the chance to see the Exmoor ponies!

  1. Starting from Flying Horse Cottage follow the path through our woods which runs parallel to Broadwater Forest Lane and then cross the road and through the gateway into Broadwater Warren.
  2. Carry straight on down the main path for approximately 1/4 mile until you reach the                                       decoy pond on your right.  In springtime the pond is full of tadpoles, in summer look out for dragonflies ( up to 20 species have been recorded in Broadwater Warren!)  also lilies on the far side of the pond.
  3. Carry on past the pond and up the hill turning right at the top.  Follow this path across a track.  You have now crossed into the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s land at Eridge Rocks.  continue on this path until you reach the bottom of the large sandstone outcrops of Eridge Rocks.
  4. Take a detour to explore the Rocks if you like.  Otherwise turn right at the rocks and follow the path as it winds around the rocks for approximately 1/4 mile.  as the path narrows a little there is a small x roads.
  5. Turn left here and follow the winding path uphill for a short stretch as it goes into an                                           area of ancient woodland.  Shortly after crossing a small stream turn right along a path through the woods.  After a few hundred yards look carefully and you will see a forest den on your left.  continue on the path until it reaches a larger track then cross over this track and back into Broadwater Warren.
  6. Take the first path to your left through a kissing gate and along a pretty path with lovely views up across heathland to hills on your right.  Look out for Exmoor ponies here.  Continue to the end of the path and turn right through another gate and across the heath.  You will come to another junction with a small copse of Scots pines to your left and heathland stretching in front of you.  This is a favourite spot of the ponies.
  7. Turn right and carry on through the next set of gates turning left at the x roads at the top of the hill.
  8. Follow this path into the stream valley then as the path starts uphill take a small track to your right.
  9. Look out for the remains of the turret of a Churchhill tank in the pines.  Then follow this path as it follows the fence line.  When it emerges from the woods turn left up the path until you reach another crossroads.
  10. Turn right onto a main track, then first left up the hill.  At the top of the hill turn right and you will find yourself back at the gate on Broadwater Forest Lane.  Retrace your steps to Flying Horse Cottage.